Program: Bridgeways - Laura Garrett, LPC, CAC III

Bridgeways is founded on the principle that delivering a high standard of care entails researched based treatment provided by a highly qualified psychotherapist.

Services include:

  • Individual and couples counseling

  • Consultation and education

  • Mental health evaluations and counseling

  • Substance abuse evaluations and counseling

  • Parenting groups and life skills.

  • Ms. Laura Garrett has been practicing for the past 21 years. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, Certified Addictions Counselor, and EMDR Level II counselor. Her area of specialization is adults and children with trauma issues, adults with substance addictions, couples counseling and domestic violence. Her areas of expertise are trauma and substance abuse.

    Founded in 1989

    Service type: Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
    Specialization: Addiction and Substance Abuse Treatment
    Clinical Mental Health Evaluation
    Conjoint/Couples Counseling
    Family Counseling
    Individual Counseling
    Outpatient Treatment
    Premarital and Couples Enrichment Programs
    Psychoeducational Classes
    Substance Abuse Assessment
    Substance Abuse Prevention and Education
    Supervision of Therapists
    Ages served: Adults
    Fee structures: Victim Assistance Funding
    Private Insurance
    Insurance accepted:

    Private insurance information on this site is based on self-report by providers, and may not be current. Always ask providers whether they accept your insurance before making an appointment.

    Anthem BC/BS
    Victim's Compensation
    Casualty Management Network
    Private Healthcare Systems (PHCS)
    United Healthcare
    Colorado Network
    Kaiser Permanente
    Parent organizations: Bridgeways - Laura Garrett, LPC, CAC III
    Email: lbridgeways45@yahoo.com
    Hours: Weekday


    109 W. Olive Street,
    Fort Collins, CO 80524
    (970) 420-4526 - Main Number
    Languages Spoken: English
    Not wheelchair accessible
    Program staff: Garrett, LPC, CAC III, Laura

    Date record modified: 06/25/20

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